How to answer tell me about yourself in an interview

Tell Me About Yourself – Best Answer

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Knowing how to answer Tell Me About Yourself is going to set the tone of the entire job interview, as this is usually the first thing that a hiring manager asks.

Before telling you how to answer Tell Me About Yourself, you first need to understand what the interviewer wants to know about you by asking you this question.

While this might seem like a fairly easy question, what you need to keep in mind when structuring your answer is:

  1. Who you are
  2. What are some of your achievements
  3. How will you help your potential employer (what pain points will you be solving)
  4. What are your future goals and career plans

Once this structure is clear, it’s much easier to formulate an answer that will make you stand out from the other candidates.

Tell Me About Yourself – best answer

Tell me about yourself – Example 1

“I am a Sales Manager with 5 years of experience, having helped my current company to grow its sales by 30% on a year-by-year basis in the past 3 years. My main competencies are acquiring new clients in challenging industries such as IT and Healthcare, which for your company I know they are your main target. I’m looking to be a Sales Manager for a company such as this one, where I can grow professionally and become a Sales Director or Head of Sales in the coming years.”

Tell me about yourself – Example 2

“I am a Marketing Executive with 2 years of experience, having worked on national campaigns for big accounts such as X and Y. My main competencies are social media and copywriting, which I know for a company such as yours are crucial, as you rely heavily on social media marketing. I am looking to be a Marketing Executive for a company such as this one, where I can grow professionally and become a Marketing Manager in a few years.”

Tell me about yourself

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How NOT to answer Tell Me About Yourself

The worst possible answer to this question is to start reciting your resume. The person interviewing you has seen your resume already. That is why you have been called in for a job interview.

Avoid discussing any unnecessary past experiences that are unrelated to the job you are interviewing for unless you are being asked.

Whatever question you are being asked during a job interview, make sure that your answer is relevant to this job. Nobody wants to hear about your time as an intern 10 years ago.

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